Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year in Review: 2014 Blog Highlights

I enjoyed sharing the happenings of my farm and family this year. Here are some highlights from 2014:

Six Most Popular New Blog Posts in 2014
1. Cow's Milk vs Non-Dairy Imitation Milk posted April 1, 2014     
Comparing naturally superior cow’s milk to non-dairy imitations.

2. Why are calves separated from their mothers? posted January 14, 2014    
Explaining how calves are raised on our farm.  

3. It’s National Agriculture Day! posted March 25, 2014   
A look at agriculture’s far-reaching impact in all of our lives.

Chumey and Jack

4. The manure is deep in Farmed and Dangerous posted February 24, 2014  
Me and other farmers sharing thoughts on Chipotle’s silly fiction Farmed and Dangerous.

5. Farmland: The Movie posted April 22, 2014    
My review of this documentary which follows six young farmers and their families through the joys and challenges of production agriculture.

Lad, Garrett and Jack with some friendly heifers
The facts about milk quality and safety.
Me and Lad in the milking parlor

My 3 Favorite Blog Posts this Year
Sharing the progress of constructing our on-farm milk bottling creamery.

Pictures of me, my husband and our parents showing cattle at the county fair throughout the generations.
Garrett and Lad with Vanessa before going into the show ring

Featuring the great team at our farm with the animals they care for.

To see pictures highlighting 2014, check out A Look Back at 2014 on the Farm.

I hope you'll visit my blog in 2015!

Me walking through a barn on our farm

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