Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Resilient Ohioans Celebrate the Buckeyes National Championship

Congratulations to the National Champion Ohio State Buckeye football team! My husband, Lad, is an Ohio State alumni so we, along with every other Ohioan, watched the national championship game last night. What a great game!

Cardale Jones and Ezekiel Elliott are heros in Ohio!
Lad with Brutus Buckeye at Ohio State a few summers ago
Our sons, Garrett and Jack, are OSU fans (at Lake Erie last summer)

It's a cold morning in snow covered northeast Ohio, but the sun in shinning. It's a glorious day to live in Ohio!

As the Buckeye football team proved, Ohioans are tough and resilient. We have to be to endure the snow, ice, and cold temperatures handed to us each winter. The first snow of the season came in mid-November. But weather in December was pretty mild, with almost no snow.

Last week, Mother Nature reminded us its winter by showering us with snow, ice and wind chills below zero. My boy’s school was closed three out of five days last week due to weather.

No matter the season our priority is the same, keeping animals comfortable and healthy.

Images from our dairy yesterday;

Our snow covered dairy farm from the road
The barn, tractor and milk tank are covered with snow
Dave spreads fresh straw in the maternity pen to keep the cows warm and dry
The calves stay warm in their hutches;
The animals grow a thicker hair coat during cold winter months
Relaxing in the warm straw
These heifers are content in their pen
Animals are protected from the harsh weather in the warm, dry barns
Every year, I share images and information about what its like on our dairy during the cold months. Check out some of my previous "winter" blogs;
Let it Snow – Preparing for Winter on our Farm

The excitement of the Buckeye's victory is keeping us warm today!

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