Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The First Batches of Milk at Rowdy Cow Creamery

Rowdy Cow Creamery, our new on-farm milk bottling plant, is officially operating! We’ve been constructing, installing equipment, purchasing supplies and planning for a year and last week we bottled the first batches of milk.
The creamery ready for action

Fresh milk is pumped into our vat minutes after it leaves the cow’s udder. The milk is low temperature vat pasteurized in small batches.
Fresh milk is piped into the creamery
A small batch of white milk in the vat pasteurizer
Chocolate milk mixing in the vat

We bottle milk in half gallon and pint size containers. All the labels are put on the bottles by hand.

Half gallon bottles are ready to be filled with whole, white milk
My son, Garrett, helps label and organize the bottles before going into the filler

Milk is pumped from the vat to the bottler to fill the bottles.
Pint bottles filling with chocolate milk
Pints filling with white milk
Chocolate half gallons being filled
Orange Cream half gallons filling
Our product line includes a variety of flavors; white, vanilla, chocolate, mocha, strawberry, orange cream, root beer, and cookies & cream.

Orange cream pints filled, capped and ready for the cooler
Lad loading bottles into crates that will go into the cooler
Taylor taking the filled crates to the cooler
Our first two batches of milk in crates in our walk-in refrigerator.
Bottled milk chills in the refrigerator

Our milk will be on local store shelves soon. I’ll post updates on the Hastings Dairy & Rowdy Cow Creamery website and Facebook page to let people know where this delicious milk can be purchased. 
The finished product; creamy, tasty fresh milk!
Check out the Rowdy Cow Creamery website for more information about our milk.

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