Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Selecting 4-H Animals for the County Fair

Each spring, we select 4-H animals the boys, and others from the Geauga Dairymen 4-H club, will exhibit at the Geauga County Fair. It's always a fun process for our family.

Garrett, Jack, and Lad look at the heifers (and the heifers look at them!)
Jack finds one he especially likes!
The Hastings men
Garrett checks in on his first 4-H animal, Lucy, who is due to calve in June
Jack with the March calf he picked
The boys will work with these animals all summer, teaching them to walk with a halter, grooming them and providing the care they need to grow and thrive. In early September, they will take them to the Fair to show with other 4-H members in our county. It's a lot of work and fun, overall a great learning experience.

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  1. This looks soo good, Like a place I would would come and work for free during the holidays.


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