Welcome to The Dairy Mom blog! Want to know what happens on a modern dairy farm? This blog is for people interested in discovering how we produce milk and care for our cows. My passion is revealing our experiences on the farm and sharing current dairy topics from my perspective as a dairy producer and mom of two sons.

Here I am in one of our freestall barns where the cows live
I'm Brenda Hastings and my husband, Lad, and I operate Hastings Dairy, a family dairy farm located in Northeast Ohio. Our nine employees help us take care of 650 cows (milking & dry), 550 heifers and farm 500 acres.

This is my husband, Lad, with our cows
Lad and I are proud to be 3rd generation dairy producers. Lad is an Ohio native and I'm from Central California. I have a degree in Agriculture Business from California State University, Fresno and a master's in Agriculture from Cal Poly State University. Lad graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Animal Science and has an MBA.

Talking with a group of students
We host tour/school groups and events. I love hosting people at our farm! Visit the Hastings Dairy website for more information about visiting.

One of my favorite pictures of Lad with the calves
We are fortunate to have the opportunity to raise our family on a farm.

Garrett, Brenda, Jack and Lad at the farm
We live in a great rural community and our boys find all kinds of adventures on our farm.

Me, Garrett and Jack with one of our calves
Thanks for checking out my blog!


  1. Wow!! I lovee your farm its amazing! Ive always loved life in farms we also have dairy business but its really small 23 milking cows!! hope one day to be like you!! Congrats!!

  2. Hey! I'm impressed - 650 cows.....so many!! I'm also a farm-mom with two sons, from Norway. I live on a farm where I have my two horses, and I work on my neighbour's dairy farm as a farm hand - and there are 14 cows, pluss some bulls, calves and uhm "youngsters"...hehe. Have a good night :D

  3. Hi, Great job
    I've PhD Degree in Animal science(ruminants nutrition). i'd like to say you,congratulation!. working in farm is most interesting. especially working with small calves. i'm planning establish a dairy farm in near future.


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